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    Knockoffs fake jordan

    I got a pair of replica black reflective jordan and they almost 1:1. Most places will send detailed QC pics of the pair they will send so you can ok them before they ship. Not paying $1000 for a pair of shoes. If I can get authentic retail then great. If not I refuse to pay outrageous resale prices
    So out of curiosity, is there a pretty consistent quality/comfort gain from the real deal? Or would a casual buyer be perfectly suited with knock-offs? I assume the answer would pretty strongly depend on your personal usage of the shoes? If anything, I'm convinced by this store I should just buy fakes. Unless I regularly associate with hardcore sneakerheads that'd want to closely examine my shoes...
    The moral implications of buying knock-offs aside I guess.

    It amazes how people can find the fakes jordan, but we can't find the fakes in are own politicians and government officials

    It would be fun if he pointed out what the difference was between the real and fake sneakers.

    If you buy knockoffs, to pull it off you need to carry yourself well to make it believable. No one will believe it authentic if you’re  in high school wearing Gucci/supreme/Pharrell Hu’s.

    Unless you’re Asian then everyone will think you’re just super rich to begin with.

    looks like the counterfeit shoe market is doing really good quality wise, justify $500 pair of shoes when some Chinese company is clearing a profit for 60-70 bucks for all intensive purposes on an identical product. granted labor is cheaper but I still do not see justification for a 1000% increase

    Do these people not realize it's the same exact factory with the exact same materials producing the counterfeits after their factory quota is manufactured?

    China has the term "night pirates" for a reason, all these "clues" are just simply unavoidable defects in the manufacturing process that can occur with legitimate ones as well.

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    Quality gap between fake and real one is so little

    Let me tell you a story. I used to be a sneaker collector like you. I have bought every single shoes from air jordan 1 all the way to air jordan 20. I was a die hard fans to aj when I was a college student. I even spent huge money to get some limited version such as Leonard air jordan 1. And one day, one of my friend, told me that he has a friend, who live in putian, which is a place where majority of “fake shoes” being produced and sold to all of the world. My first reaction was like how you behaviour in this video. I despised him for what he did. But there is a day, when I surfing on the internet. I accidentally found out that, ironically, most of Nike’s shoes are produced in that fuckin place too. I did a throughly investigation like what you did in this shop. Then I found out that the quality gap between fake and real one is so little that even a sneaker collector like me can hardly tell. So, what’s the boundary between fake or real? Is it only because of a meaningless brand name? I know I am definitely not going to pay an additional 5000 dollars only for it’s “ brand name”. And don’t forget the price of fake jordan is 50 dollar, while the real one is 3500 dollar. I love the colorway but I really dislike the “please crease”, “no photos”, and “not for resale”. I think it’s tacky and with these insane resale prices I’d rather just go and get a pair of UNC Off-Whites with the better quality leather, and more signature style that this pair really just tried to rip off. Quality on these are so much better than how Seth described them in my opinion. As a comparison to my Bred Toe, leather quality of these are way better all round. It's tumbled and buttery to the touch. The shoes looks so much better in hand too. I'd much rather pay the extra for this leather quality on these. Love the design. The first time I saw these the naive sneakerhead in me thought they might actually be a general release and a cool way for people who struck out on the court purples or pine greens to get something dope that pokes fun at resale. I need a time machine to go back and neck myself for thinking Jordan brand would do something like that for the general public. Overall though, actually do really like the shoe and would beat the heck outta em if given the opportunity No way in hell! Would I spend 1k on these (maybe$280) or any other Jordan 1 no matter how much I like them. I'm a huge fan of the H2H Jordan 1 (some how I didn't get them despite the hate everyone had for them) and I refuse to put up $300 nothing for them. Comparison of real vs. fakes but there's only one problem with these kinds of real vs. fakes reviews. Not every fake or replica are the same. Meaning there could be multiple variations of fake BRED 11's. If you find inconsistencies in one fake pair may not be so with another so there's no uniformity that you can follow when trying to discern a genuine retail pair from a fake. Why would someone put that much effort into finding out which is real or which is fake?They both legit to me.....it's 2020 who cares....it is what it is!!! Fake Jordan been selling these same shoes for a decade or more

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    Real deal fake jordan provider

    I got mine from FlightClub... but if the fakes are getting more and more advanced, you couldn’t tell if a random dude had on some fake J’s.. if they look good it’s cool.. You have to really be studying someone to look at someone feet and be like them fake cuh.. Either you broke or gay, cause I’m not spending that much Time analyzing another dude shoes..

    I've been wearing Jordans all my life and frfr, I've had plenty of authentic Jordans that had defects. All depends on the manufacturing...These shoes all look the same. Don't waste $220 kids. A shoe is a shoe bruh, if u staring at somebody shoes that hard it gotta be something wrong wit u Unbreakable with Jordan making shoes that were premium condition cheaper these days is harder to tell a replica because Jordan could make the same quality shoe and sometimes the Chinese to make a better quality shoe I've seen it for myself? Its so many triple A quality pairs out there.....it's almost no point in even getting these...u damn near have to have the eyes of an eagle....I've been doing this since early 90's ....I've seen dam near everything ever done...and have seen decades of real (OGs)vs replicas vs flat out fakes..beeleedat Lol, bro I got a pair of 11 bred and those look exactly the same as the real ones, in every single aspect there is no way to tell and I paid 56 dollars for the fake and for the real ones I paid 238 with tax included but believe me there's some exact copies out there, unless the fake provider is really crapy the you can tell but my fake provider is the real deal! You can’t tell a difference because it came from the same factory in china that nike contracted. It has the same materials! The only difference is that the legit went through QA/QC of nike the other did not as it was produced without Nike’s consent. The replicas are 99.9 similar to the real ones! It’s insane lol I just bought a pair from stock X and I’m concern they might be fake but then again, they are made in the same factory just the fakes are not regulated by Nike! I will compare my kicks with my brothers which he got them from the SNKRS app

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